Interactive Assessments

Turn Customer Success Into Trusted Advisors

Interactive Assessments Help Customer Success Teams To…

Be Strategic Consultants To Customers

Source Growth Opportunities

Be A Trusted Advisor, Not A Vendor

Give Your Customers The Business Consulting They Crave 

  • Your customers need business advice but CS is stuck talking features, support, training, etc. This limits growth and creates churn risk!
  • Give personalized insights & recommendations to each customer consistently at scale!
  • Position Customer Success Managers as trusted advisors that can add more value

Turns CS Teams into Trusted Advisors Overnight using 3 Step Framework

Step 1: Assess your customer's business capabilities, gaps, and top priorities using an interactive assessment configured using your value prop, methodology, recommendations, etc. Customers receive instant scorecard with personalized business advice and recommendations.

Step 2: Customer Success teams use the assessment results as a foundation to facilitate a business discussion with executives providing additional analysis, recommendations, and identifying new opportunities.

Step 3: Design solutions that help customers achieve their highest priority business objectives & challenges identified in Step 2.


Customer Success Managers Confidently Advise Customers Using Automated Coaching

  • CSMs receive personalized coaching based on the customer's assessment results.
  • You can configure the questions to ask, steps to follow, resources to share, and much more!
  • CSMs are positioned as trusted advisors by knowing the customer's challenges and priorities along with the coaching to facilitate a high value consultative discussion with customers.

Provide Personalized Experiences By Putting Customers Into Cohorts Based on Similar Challenges

  • Customers need advice based on their needs & challenges, not based on their # of employees, revenue, industry, or other segmentation.
  • Create cohorts based on customer's top business challenges & priorities.
  • Use the cohorts to create personalized customer experiences to meet customers where they are.... at scale!
Customer Cohorts

Free Sales Value Assessment

The Customer Success Value Assessment takes 5 minutes to complete and will identify how much value your CS team is adding to customers. You will get an instant scorecard with personalized insights and recommendations to add more value and improve CS team performance.

9Lenses Technology is Powering Customer Success Automation

CS shares the assessment with their prospect.

Customer completes the assessment online.

Customer immediately receives Personalized Scorecard.

CS team is automatically notified.

Discussion focuses on the results, challenges, and potential solutions.

See How Interactive Assessments Can Power Your Customer Success Team