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Rapid and Insightful Client Discovery for IA

In today’s fast-paced business world, the expectation that businesses can perform more rapidly is ubiquitous. The consulting industry is no exception; with a plethora of digital tools available to enhance traditional business functions, consulting clients are demanding greater ROI at greater speed. Traditional consulting methods thus need a catalyst to gain deeper insights in an accelerated timeframe. The 9Lenses digital consulting platform can act as that catalyst, providing consultants with the insights they need in a shorter timeframe. In this case study, Inflexion Advisors (IA), a consultancy that focuses on working with clients in the HR space, used 9Lenses to accelerate the timeframe of a consulting project and better engage the client’s stakeholders.

IA was engaged by a client to evaluate the best strategic approach for conducting a due diligence investigation of the need for HR system migration. IA had worked to find a system with the client before, but the client had brought on new leaders who wanted a more thorough investigation into the requirements necessary for selecting the HR platform. The client wanted quick results, however, and also wanted to engage stakeholders from all global regions around the world. In order to deliver on the client’s requirements, IA turned to 9Lenses.

In order to better capture the necessary requirements for the ideal HR system, IA created a 9Lenses interview. This interview specifically targeted the strategic and operational impact of the current HR system on different stakeholders while assessing the impact of the system on key organizational goals.

With the 9Lenses digital consulting platform, IA was able to accelerate client discovery and meet the client’s expectations. IA collected nearly 6000 data points from 100 participants across the globe. Using 9Lenses analytics, IA was able to determine clear priorities for the new HR system requirements. While much of the data served to substantiate the client’s previous assumptions, some requirements proved to be far more essential than assumed.

Additionally, the client was impressed with the ability of the 9Lenses platform to truly engage the participants. Rather than the surface-level data and poor participation rates they had received from previous surveys, the client was surprised to see that employees were truly engaged in the 9Lenses interview platform, spending an average of 20-30 minutes responding to the questions and giving rich feedback, explanations, and suggestions for solutions.

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