Manage your Interactive Assessments with One Cloud Platform.

Centralized Platform to Host Your Assessments

Turn your solutions, content, and thought leadership into interactive assessments that are engaging and valuable to your prospects and customers. Configure assessments, measure campaigns, view customer results, and enable your sales & marketing teams all in a single cloud assessment platform.

Easy to Configure

Easily create and configure assessments using your content, frameworks, and methodologies. Drag-and-drop tools make configuring all aspects of our assessment easy including adding different question types, branding, and logic. Whether your interactive assessment is simple or complex the platform can fully support your needs.

Customized Scorecards, Analytics, and Benchmarking

Customize your assessment scorecards to reflect your content, scoring, recommendations, branding, and benchmarks. Give your prospects a valuable personalized experience that leaves a positive lasting impression of your company. Show prospects where their business is doing well and opportunities for improvement.

Your sales & marketing team has access to deeper insights for each prospect. This allows your team to quickly identify your prospects top challenges and then tailor conversations to add maximum value. You can also share talking points, questions to ask, and other resources so your reps can be most effective and enabled. Benchmarks are automatically created, providing market intelligence and more value for prospects.

Recommendation Engine

Providing personalized recommendations to your prospects for improving their business creates the most value and demonstrates your expertise. 9Lenses Cloud Assessment platform has a recommendation engine that delivers the right recommendations to each prospect based on their assessment scores.

Integrations with CRM & Marketing Automation Platforms

Integrations with marketing platforms including Hubspot and Marketo allow prospects taking assessments to automatically be added as new leads at the top of the marketing funnel with no work from your marketing team.

Our Salesforce integration gives sales reps full control without leaving Salesforce. Reps can view all assessment activity for a lead or contact. This includes viewing a contact’s assessment scorecards and sending an assessment to contacts. Assessment activity can also be viewed within Accounts and Opportunities.

Measure Marketing & Sales Performance

Automatically measure assessment and campaign performance. Track views, starts, completions, and scorecard views to see engagement. This allows your team to see the prospects most active and interested in their results assessment. You can compare multiple assessments to see which are gaining the most traction, providing the most leads, and resulting in the most conversions.

Deeper analysis of deals won in relation to the assessments will allow you and your team the ability to fine tune internal recommendations based on assessment results and demographics so that you can better target perspective sales.

Role-Based Data Access & Distribution

Control who sees what without the hassle of downloading and distributing individual reports. Manage data access across large populations and grant key stakeholders access to view and download interactive, presentation-ready dashboards. Ideal for assessment workflows that generate individual reports or enterprise assessments capturing data across multiple regional and functional areas.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) Compliant

Your privacy is important to us, and so is being transparent about how we collect, use, and share information about you. Effective May 25, 2018, we updated our Privacy Policy in order to be GDPR compliant. Review our privacy policy here.

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