Digitize and Accelerate Your Client Assessments

Changing client needs and digital transformation are causing consultants to digitize, accelerate, and automate their client assessments. Learn how digital assessments can impress your clients and increase your profitability!

Ready to go digital and transform your discovery & assessment phase?

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Differentiate Your Offering and Win More Business

Clients are seeking more value, faster and are no longer willing to pay for long discovery time. Learn how you can add value on day 1, create customer stickiness, and win more business.

Create Efficiency to Improve Margins

Consultants are spending too much time on non-value adding activities like engagement process and data crunching. Learn how you can do more with fewer resources to improve your operating margins and extend your reach.

Improve Connectivity & Collaboration

Rapid business digitization is occurring globally but consulting operations are not keeping pace. Learn how you can digitize your workflow to increase connectivity between engagements and build collaboration.

Learn how you can digitize your assessments and get ahead of disruption in consulting.

Automate Your Consulting Assessments



Assessing your client’s maturity is an easy and powerful way to identify opportunities for improvement. Knowing where your client is today and where they want to be in the future provides the needed insights to guide your recommendations. Also, benchmarking maturity across your client base provides an opportunity to differentiate your firm.

Functional Capability Assessments

Understanding your client’s capabilities in a business function (Finance, HR, Sales, Operations, IT, etc.) will highlight the challenges holding your client back. Understanding these challenges quickly & digitally will strengthen your findings and position you to implement the solution.




Your client’s business operating model is the foundation on which the strategy is designed. Assessing the operating model and how it impacts the business is critical for recommending the right strategy.



Consultants routinely use models to help their clients calculate the return on investment (ROI) for recommended business investments. Making these assessment tools digital and repeatable is a powerful way to save time and effort.


Automation Assessments

In today’s digital environment businesses are asking consultants to identify processes that can be automated. Consultants in turn have assessments designed to identify the most viable processes for automation. Making these assessments digital and scalable results in this analysis much faster, therefore making it easier to sell.

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