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Asset-Based Consulting [Ebook] – Why Leading Consulting Firms Are Adopting It

Management consulting is one of the last industries to face disruption in the digital age. While the top-tier firms may have the client base and reputation to continue employing the traditional consulting business model, many small and mid-sized firms are challenged by the new climate technology has created. These firms are searching for ways both to overcome these challenges and to differentiate from their larger, resource-rich competitors. As one result of the search, we see a growing trend in the consulting world and our asset-based consulting ebook will explain why.

Asset-based consulting is a consulting approach in which tools & software solutions are vital assets.

We have released a new ebook that discusses the implications of asset-based consulting as a solution for the consulting industry, the challenges it poses, and its many benefits to consultants. The key focus areas of the asset-based consulting ebook include:

The rise and relevance of asset-based consulting

Top firms that have successfully adopted asset-based consulting

Benefits of and barriers to asset-based consulting

Putting asset-based consulting into practice

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