Learn how The Pedowitz Group increased Sales Ready leads 62% by using Engage Assessment powered by 9Lenses

The Problem

The Pedowitz Group (TPG), the leader in helping companies get, keep, and grow customers with revenue operations, wanted to increase demand generation and deliver better quality leads to its sales team. The white papers, infographics, videos, etc., were doing a good job of promoting the firm’s expertise across all marketing channels and driving traffic to the company’s website. However, many of its site visitors and resulting leads were still in the early stages of the buying process, making it difficult to separate the people who were just looking for information from those who needed TPG’s services. TPG needed a better way to generate and qualify leads.


TPG provides a variety of marketing services, including Revenue Marketing Transformation. The sales process for this service can be lengthy and includes an in-depth review of a client’s existing marketing environment. TPG’s proprietary Revenue Marketing framework is used to examine a combined set of strategies, processes, people, technologies, customers, and results. TPG wanted to make this framework more accessible to early stage leads in an effort to improve lead quality and provide immediate value to prospective clients. It envisioned adapting the existing framework into a “light assessment” that anyone visiting the website could quickly take to understand where it falls on the Revenue Marketing Maturity Model.

The company decided to implement a real-time assessment to identify the leads that could turn into meaningful sales opportunities and potentially result in closed business. It chose the 9Lenses Engage Assessment Platform because it allowed TPG to leverage existing content to drive higher quality leads for the sales team and, most importantly, it allowed TPG to deliver instant value to prospective clients from their very first interaction with TPG!

The Solution

Using the 9Lenses platform, TPG digitized its Revenue Marketing framework so customers could quickly take the assessment online and immediately receive the results with insights on how to improve. An automated scorecard was configured within 9Lenses to show each prospect its score and how it compares to TPG’s benchmarks.

Brian Shaner, VP of Marketing at TPG, said “Sales always wants the leads from the Revenue Marketing Assessment because Sales has more insights into the prospects’ challenges before making the first call.”

TPG added the assessment to their website with a call to action to encourage visitors to “Take The Revenue Marketing Assessment.” Upon completion of a few select questions, the prospect is emailed a link to view their personalized digital scorecard within the 9Lenses platform. TPG’s sales team is also notified immediately so they can follow up with the prospect to review the findings together and share additional insights and recommendations.

“Our interactive assessment powered by 9Lenses has tremendously helped the sales team close business. The added data from the assessment resulted in a higher close rate on what tend to be larger deals.”

–Brian Shaner, VP of Marketing

The Results

Within the first six months of rolling out the interactive assessment powered by 9Lenses, TPG has acquired over 100 net new qualified leads and is now able to:

  • Increase the number of sales-ready leads
  • Convert leads into pipeline with higher average deal size
  • Increase win rates
  • Increase value of first sales interactions by providing account-based insights to sales team
  • Accelerate the sales cycle by using the assessments results to advance conversations quickly
  • Differentiate by using the interactive assessment and insights in competitive deals

Hear From The Pedowitz Group Yourself!

Watch the Webinar Recording

After continued success with interactive assessments (62% increase in sales-ready leads) The Pedowitz Group hosted an educational webinar for their marketing community, and they have invited 9Lenses to speak!

Watch the recording to learn how TPG uses interactive assessments to:

  • Engage prospects with real buying intent
  • Provide account-based insights to sales team
  • Increase the number of sales-ready leads
  • Convert leads into pipeline with a higher average deal size

This webinar is 30 minutes in length and is geared to help marketers provide better quality leads that your sales team will be delighted to call. We look forward to your feedback.