The Pedowitz Group increases Sales Ready leads 62% by using an interactive assessment powered by 9Lenses

“Our interactive assessment powered by 9Lenses has tremendously helped the sales team close business. The added data from the assessment resulted in a higher close rate on what tend to be larger deals.”


Pedowitz Group – Marketing Advisory Firm

“We know unequivocally that we have generated millions of dollars using our assessments powered by the 9Lenses platform. It’s had a major impact on the pipeline. … There isn’t anything like the 9Lenses assessment platform on the market.”

Jeff Pedowitz, CEO

Appcast – Recruitment Advertising SaaS Platform

“Since we launched our Recruitment Advertising Diagnostic, our customers are able to get personalized insights into how their recruitment advertising efforts stack up and where they can get better. We instantly build credibility with prospects and tailor their journey based on their needs.”

IC Thrive – Internal Communications SaaS Platform

“Our Drive Internal Communication assessment has facilitated our education-first sales approach and has become an integral part of the buying journey. Our assessment allows customers to benchmark where their capabilities are and connect to best practices all before jumping to software and features.”

3Pillar – Digital Product Development Company

“Our Product Mindset Diagnostic is a solid resource for our sales team to leverage in their value-based selling approach. We use the diagnostic results to zero in on our customer’s needs, lead a tailored follow up conversation, and position the right solution that will address their specific pain points.”

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