Assessment Design

Assessments are designed for both your customers and internal stakeholders. Our design services enable you to collect, interpret and extract the maximum value from your assessments. Whether you need to build new or update an existing assessment, we help you:

  • Define the assessment purpose
  • Create insightful questions
  • Architect report outputs

Our design phase is critical in providing personalized results with action items and reporting tailored to each participant. 


After designing your ideal assessment, we help you configure the 9Lenses platform to achieve the best user experience. With over 30 types of questions and input options, choosing the correct question type to get the answer you need is critical.  

In addition to configuring the questions, we will work with your team to: 

  • Brand your assessment
  • Integrate 9Lenses with your MarTech stack
  • Add customized logic and scripting for the report dissemination

From the moment they click the link to their final report, your customers will feel they are getting something valuable that will make them be more successful.


Now that your assessment is ready to go, you need to prepare your Sales reps on how to effectively leverage the scorecard and have value-adding conversations with prospects. We will help you:

  • Create sales playbooks on how to interpret assessment findings
  • Reinforce your standard sales processes
  • Present tailored messaging to the customer

With our Sales Enablement workflows we ensure your reps are able to follow up in a timely manner and will increase their conversion rates. 


After your first few months on running an assessment, it is important to review the data you are capturing and evaluate the value it is providing to your business. Our team will work with you to review your assessment and value to the company and make any changes to the assessment or reports as necessary. With all this new information about your customers, we can help you incorporate it into your personalization efforts in marketing so you can better target your audiences with more relevant conversations.


How long does it take to launch an assessment?

It depends. Some clients take as little as 2 weeks while others take longer. Our goal is to launch assessments in 30 days or less.

What content/materials do I need to have ready?

No existing content is required but we commonly can leverage existing content such as white papers, blogs, points of view, etc.

Can you help me brand our scorecard and assessment?

Absolutely. If you provide us the brand guidelines and some logos, we can help you brand your assessment.

Can you help me with the logic for the scorecard and outputs?

Yes. This is discussed during the design phase of the implementation and set up during configuration.

Can the prospect see how they compare to their peers?

That’s up to you. Some companies want to share those results and others do not. We will discuss the pros and cons of sharing this information during the design phase.

How should I promote and share the assessments?

In many cases, companies will promote their assessment via social media, email, on their website, etc. because they want as many customers/prospects to complete the assessment. Others enable their sales reps to share directly with current and prospective clients. Some do both! We will help you decide what is the best approach for you.

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